Saturday, June 5, 2010

No idea.

Haha. Been some time since my last update. Soryyyyyy laaaa.... I was busy, with work, family, friends and whatnot. Actually now pun I'm kinda forcing my sleepy eyes to write this one helluva long 'short story'.HAHAHAHAHA...

Anyway, about my recent activities, well, just after my last update, aku pergi ke Kuala Lumpur for 3 days. (Yes, I DID take a 3-day holiday from work). Anyway, I had 2 major purposes of going there:
1- Help sedikit sebanyak that I can with my sister's baru nak setup shop.(more details later)
2- Pergi lepak la of course!

Anyway, after fetching my sister from the airport (for your information, she's currently staying at Indonesia with her husband), kita went to KL straight away.

Eastin Hotel, tempat kita letak kepala for 2 nights. The place was ok la, my sister said the price per room was also 'so-so' la, but we all still agreed on Royale Bintang as our favourite.

Then I went to the shoplot where the shop was supposed to be built, and, it was ok la, the renovation wasn't that expensive, i think, and the shoplot had adequate space untuk buat sebuah restoran.

Then after all businesses were done, I finished my 3-day work leave with fun and friends.

And then, balik Ipoh

Dah sampai Ipoh, I continued with my part time job with pappa rich, and everything went smooth and normal, with the occasional 'hiccups' here and there, which is kinda normal la.

The days passed, and then suddenly I was on a futsal turf. hahaha.
Bukanlah suddenly sangat, it was a friendly match between papparich punye staff against tutti fruitti ft. TOS punye staff. For your info, all of these are shops at De Garden Ipoh (Bangunan Putih seberang Jaya Jusco Ipoh)
And after 2 hours of playing, (we got staff price meh sebab ade kawan, hahaha) it turned out to be that the victors were in fact, nonetheless, PappaRIch!
Hou yeh!
Here's a fact, I'm more proud because aku contributed alot to the win(except when it was my turn jadi goalie la, hahahha)

What else eyh?
Oh yes, tomorrow, the 6th of june, is my father's birthday. And I have some surprises up my sleeve la. hehehe..
So, kepada anyone who knows my dad, be sure to wish him ok!

Till next time,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010