Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Happiness That We Seek : Chapter 1

The calm blue skies had turned bloody dark red, the ground which was filled with grass is now a barren wasteland filled with the dead and rotting bodies from both sides. At the last base, the last stand of the human race, a young man stood at the balcony of the castle which was facing east, from where he could see the tens of thousands of the enemy soldiers marching towards the world’s final stronghold from destruction. Even the great alliance of the humans and beasts was not enough to hold off the power of the shadows. As time passed by, all residents of that very same stronghold had fear and despair. They did not want to die, they were too scared to fight, and there were even some fools whom had given up and ran to the opposing force only to be brutally killed and their chopped-off heads thrown back to the stronghold. The alliance had completely lost all hope to win the war, for they had barely 3,000 soldiers to fight off the seemingly limitless enemies.
As the soldiers of the shadows came near, many people tried to flee and some even resorted to hiding into the sewage or even in the cemetary. Some even took their own lives out of fear. The sounds of the marching grew closer and closer. Everyone, especially those at the front lines, trembled in fear. The young man then looked at the sky and asked for forgiveness from his fallen comrades. He then took out his sword, which started to shine brightly. He took the sword up high and stabbed himself in the stomache. Then he shouted, "Kings of the aurora, give me your power and wisdom, so that I can save our race from destruction!". Then a blue thunder came from the sky and striked him. Severely burned and almost dead, he used all of his remaining energy and took out his sword which glowed brighter and brighter to the point it was as bright as the sun and pointed it straight to the enemy and chanted "The power of nature, the power of space and the power of light, heed my calling and attack my… no, OUR enemies!!!. AURORA BLAST!!!" .

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cuti- cuti se Malaya! xD

Lesse now,
1- I'm home alone
2- I got the whole day off
3- Its raining outside
4- I've got my iTunes volumes maxed up....
5- Da lama gilaaaaaaaaaaaaa tak update blog....
6- I've got fresh ideas in my head!

So, apa lagi! Time to blog! hahahaha

So much for introductions this time, oh wait, I forgot something, Hello peeeeeeeeeeeeeeepsssssssssssssss!!!
Been a long time tak bukak blogspot ni, now now, that doesn't mean I was THAT busy, tapi busy gak la, but that's not the point, it was more kepada, I didn't have any ideas on what to write here, and kalau ade pun, that time I was busy, and time free pulak terlupa.. ALASAN!hahahahahaha

So,even now, I couldn't remember what I did for the past month or so... But not many was that special, it was the simple everyday stuff:
and now, HOLIDAYS
hou yeh!!!
Well, that was what I wanted to say, but I'm not entirely excited with the holidays.
Primarily because, most of my plans were canceled, so I'm kinda pissed off (banyak jugak la), but what to do, dah tercatat dalam takdir that my holidays were gonna be dull, so, pasrah aje la...
Well, takde la DULL sangat, I've got a part time job at my sister's restaurant, as a part time waiter, although actually its more like, I bring my laptop to the shop, bukak facebook, and pacak depan laptop je, and time busy je, yeah, I'm a lazy bum, I know. HAHAHAHA
But for the past month, I've learned more in this "story we call life". Both positively and negatively.
I won't bring up the bad stuff, well, because they aren't THAT bad....

But since I'm talkin about this topic, well the thing I've learned the most, is that I should never ever ever EVER hope for too much, yeah, it's like what they say, you hope for the world, and you're just gonna get the leftovers. I've had my hopes crushed to itsy bitsy tiny bits, from something most likely as large as a person can imagine, yeah, it hurts, tell me about it.
On a second note, I've come to learn that, no matter how many friends you have, it wouldn't mean anything if they weren't sincere, yeah, I hate those kind of people, and people who break promises as if the promises didn't hold any value. Take note, I hold promises, even SMALL ones...

Enough with the ranting, as far as the holidays are holding up, I didn't even get a chance to play futsal yet, and it has been 2 weeks. Nasib baek my apartment has a swimming pool, so takde la my body will jadi lembik, lembab and sewaktu dengannya during the holidays.

On a positive note, I've gotten to know some good friends,yet tak sure lagi nak panggil SAHABAT lagi or not.haha....

Oh wait, Hotel California is playing on my iTunes, yeah! super cool song!
 Do take note I'm kinda multitasking right now, blogging+fb+football on tv+makan biskut+singing to this super cool song+ and berangan-angan-ing.

Well, as most people would usually write about their feelings in this so called diary we call a blog, (rasanya da buat tadi kot, HAHAHHA)....
So anyway, truth being said, I've kinda down these few weeks, taktaw on what to do, having occasional bad mood sessions(mcm PMS plak kan?), and most probably I've finally felt the effect of three years being single, I'm finally beginning to feel lonely.. Especially when I baru tengok the movie "Lagenda Budak Setan", which kinda hold some intimate meaning to me. Termakan dalam sikit. HAHA...
OH wait, here is a line from Hotel California:
Some dance to remember, some dance to forget.

Welll, maybe I'm one of those people who's dancing to forget. :P


If teroskan membebel about this, even 1000 pages pun tak ckup.. And you're not reading this to hear about my stupid feelings kan? HAHAHAHA

Lets say something interesting, like.... LIVERPOOL menang CHELSEA 2 - NILL!!
hou yeah!!!
then liverpool kalah dengan stoke city 2 - 0
no hou yeh.

Wait, another interesting fact, my interest in photography is growing, tapi still terbantut! OHMAIGOD I want a DSLR, FAST!!! hahaha
I've gotten job offers, but takde camera, so I can't do them,

Wow, panjang gak aku membebel ni ek, rasenye that's about it for today! See you in the next post!
P/s - kepada my stalker Lepat Pisang, jangan lupa comment yah!

Toodles peeps!!