Saturday, December 4, 2010

Randomly ME

Assalamualaikum andddddddddddddddd
heeeeeloooooooooooooooooooooooo peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps!!!!

HAHA, ok now that tagline is getting old, I think I wanna get something new. Till then, silalah berpuas hati with that yea? :P

Anyway, I'm feeling very BORED at the moment (padahal tengah jaga kedai dan malas buat kerja), so I think of writing something in my blog.

So, without any planning whatsoever, I'm gonna write 50 random things about ME.

So lets begin

Friday, December 3, 2010

Broken Boulevard

Assalamualaikum and
Helloooooooooooooooooooo peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepsssssssssssssssssssss!!!

Its me again, yeah, I know, that my greeting is kinda annoying, I've received some comments from people that its funny yet annoying in a way.

So I've been through one helluva week! Kerja, tdur,makan, ulang alik ipoh, thinking about alot of things, near and far.

Also, kepada orang2 yang mengetahui, I've made my decision. I'm gonna stay. Kepada yang tidak tahu, please jgn tanya yea, its not important. hehe :P

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dapoer Bandoeng

Helloooooooooooooooooooo peepsssssssssssssssssssssss!
Hows life?
Kali ni my post is gonna be about one of my favorite things in life, FOOD!

Yeah, asides from photography, astronomy, physics, music and travelling, There are two more things that I love, that is, food and cooking!

Yeah, i know, a guy who likes to cook is usually a guy who is kinda lembut and everything, and usuallly lembik.... But NO, I do not agree with that...
Because I cook, and eat and play sports, well yeah, I'm actually independant because I MAKE my OWN food.
So yeah, don't criticise people on things you can't do.
These past three weeks, I've been working at my sister's restaurant, Dapoer Bandoeng,
which features some amazing Sundanese food!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Happiness That We Seek : Chapter 1

The calm blue skies had turned bloody dark red, the ground which was filled with grass is now a barren wasteland filled with the dead and rotting bodies from both sides. At the last base, the last stand of the human race, a young man stood at the balcony of the castle which was facing east, from where he could see the tens of thousands of the enemy soldiers marching towards the world’s final stronghold from destruction. Even the great alliance of the humans and beasts was not enough to hold off the power of the shadows. As time passed by, all residents of that very same stronghold had fear and despair. They did not want to die, they were too scared to fight, and there were even some fools whom had given up and ran to the opposing force only to be brutally killed and their chopped-off heads thrown back to the stronghold. The alliance had completely lost all hope to win the war, for they had barely 3,000 soldiers to fight off the seemingly limitless enemies.
As the soldiers of the shadows came near, many people tried to flee and some even resorted to hiding into the sewage or even in the cemetary. Some even took their own lives out of fear. The sounds of the marching grew closer and closer. Everyone, especially those at the front lines, trembled in fear. The young man then looked at the sky and asked for forgiveness from his fallen comrades. He then took out his sword, which started to shine brightly. He took the sword up high and stabbed himself in the stomache. Then he shouted, "Kings of the aurora, give me your power and wisdom, so that I can save our race from destruction!". Then a blue thunder came from the sky and striked him. Severely burned and almost dead, he used all of his remaining energy and took out his sword which glowed brighter and brighter to the point it was as bright as the sun and pointed it straight to the enemy and chanted "The power of nature, the power of space and the power of light, heed my calling and attack my… no, OUR enemies!!!. AURORA BLAST!!!" .

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cuti- cuti se Malaya! xD

Lesse now,
1- I'm home alone
2- I got the whole day off
3- Its raining outside
4- I've got my iTunes volumes maxed up....
5- Da lama gilaaaaaaaaaaaaa tak update blog....
6- I've got fresh ideas in my head!

So, apa lagi! Time to blog! hahahaha

So much for introductions this time, oh wait, I forgot something, Hello peeeeeeeeeeeeeeepsssssssssssssss!!!
Been a long time tak bukak blogspot ni, now now, that doesn't mean I was THAT busy, tapi busy gak la, but that's not the point, it was more kepada, I didn't have any ideas on what to write here, and kalau ade pun, that time I was busy, and time free pulak terlupa.. ALASAN!hahahahahaha

So,even now, I couldn't remember what I did for the past month or so... But not many was that special, it was the simple everyday stuff:
and now, HOLIDAYS
hou yeh!!!
Well, that was what I wanted to say, but I'm not entirely excited with the holidays.
Primarily because, most of my plans were canceled, so I'm kinda pissed off (banyak jugak la), but what to do, dah tercatat dalam takdir that my holidays were gonna be dull, so, pasrah aje la...
Well, takde la DULL sangat, I've got a part time job at my sister's restaurant, as a part time waiter, although actually its more like, I bring my laptop to the shop, bukak facebook, and pacak depan laptop je, and time busy je, yeah, I'm a lazy bum, I know. HAHAHAHA
But for the past month, I've learned more in this "story we call life". Both positively and negatively.
I won't bring up the bad stuff, well, because they aren't THAT bad....

But since I'm talkin about this topic, well the thing I've learned the most, is that I should never ever ever EVER hope for too much, yeah, it's like what they say, you hope for the world, and you're just gonna get the leftovers. I've had my hopes crushed to itsy bitsy tiny bits, from something most likely as large as a person can imagine, yeah, it hurts, tell me about it.
On a second note, I've come to learn that, no matter how many friends you have, it wouldn't mean anything if they weren't sincere, yeah, I hate those kind of people, and people who break promises as if the promises didn't hold any value. Take note, I hold promises, even SMALL ones...

Enough with the ranting, as far as the holidays are holding up, I didn't even get a chance to play futsal yet, and it has been 2 weeks. Nasib baek my apartment has a swimming pool, so takde la my body will jadi lembik, lembab and sewaktu dengannya during the holidays.

On a positive note, I've gotten to know some good friends,yet tak sure lagi nak panggil SAHABAT lagi or not.haha....

Oh wait, Hotel California is playing on my iTunes, yeah! super cool song!
 Do take note I'm kinda multitasking right now, blogging+fb+football on tv+makan biskut+singing to this super cool song+ and berangan-angan-ing.

Well, as most people would usually write about their feelings in this so called diary we call a blog, (rasanya da buat tadi kot, HAHAHHA)....
So anyway, truth being said, I've kinda down these few weeks, taktaw on what to do, having occasional bad mood sessions(mcm PMS plak kan?), and most probably I've finally felt the effect of three years being single, I'm finally beginning to feel lonely.. Especially when I baru tengok the movie "Lagenda Budak Setan", which kinda hold some intimate meaning to me. Termakan dalam sikit. HAHA...
OH wait, here is a line from Hotel California:
Some dance to remember, some dance to forget.

Welll, maybe I'm one of those people who's dancing to forget. :P


If teroskan membebel about this, even 1000 pages pun tak ckup.. And you're not reading this to hear about my stupid feelings kan? HAHAHAHA

Lets say something interesting, like.... LIVERPOOL menang CHELSEA 2 - NILL!!
hou yeah!!!
then liverpool kalah dengan stoke city 2 - 0
no hou yeh.

Wait, another interesting fact, my interest in photography is growing, tapi still terbantut! OHMAIGOD I want a DSLR, FAST!!! hahaha
I've gotten job offers, but takde camera, so I can't do them,

Wow, panjang gak aku membebel ni ek, rasenye that's about it for today! See you in the next post!
P/s - kepada my stalker Lepat Pisang, jangan lupa comment yah!

Toodles peeps!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life is Short

Hallloooo Peeps!!!
Been  a long time dah tak update...
Almost sebulan da rasenye...
No wait, its more than a month already.
Last post kan on 4th of august, today sudah 7th september.

The month of august was incredible for me, banyak gile activity, both fun and 'not-so-fun'.
Actually I don't know where to start, so I think post ni confirm panjang sikit from normal. RASANYA Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

First activity, aritu ade masok tournament futsal di KOLEJ PENJA-DETA ZAABA.....
Dah la I was the first one to arrive, konon semangat nak daftar, tengok-tengok tuan rumah pun tak sampai lagi, I was like, "WHAT THE?! Lemmbabbb gile they allsss"
Nasib baek  la aritu team kami best, yang dilengkapi dengan Syeikh, Syapik, Kamal, Al-Amin, Azlin, Spoket and ME! hahaha
Tapi nasib pulak tak menyebelahi team kami, kerna kami hanya mendapat tempat ke-empat, tatkala tumpas di tangan senior pada peringkat separuh akhir.Demmmmmmmmmmmm
Tapi takpe gak, sebab team kami satu-satunye team freshmen yg mendapat Top 5...
So, walaupun kalah, still ada la perasaan bangga tu.
Ni la sebahagian lineup team kami:
Left to right: Al-Amin, Spoket, ME! , Kamal, Sapek

Next Activity,
14 AUGUST 2010.
My birthday!
Da la hamstring-ku baru lpas elok from injury, pegi bantai kluar sampai tak ingat dunia. haha
13,14,15. On those dates, boleh kira dengan jari je berapa jam I was in my room, selebihnya, keluar sakan.
Some places that I went, Dataran Putrajaya, Masjib Besi, Alamanda, Jambatan Putrajaya, Village View Restaurant....
All of them were the bomb! Especially the friends who were there with me, without them it would be meaningless. Tak kisah la takde present or cake, because its the thought that counts. :P
Heres the lineup, Syam, Zul, Ikhsan, Shasha, Yana, Wanie and the kakak2 Masters geng, Huda, Sipah, Khaliz.
Thanks again.
Sangat best, and another thing, itulah kali pertama my birthday went on without kena baling dengan segala macam benda. OR SO I THOUGHT.

Now for round 3,
This was unexpected actually, tetibe semua orang nak pergi makan sate kajang, So ikut jee laaa..
I ate 34 cucuk sate, not counting the nasi impit and 4 cups of water. I know, I eat alot.
Sate Kajang !!!
Lepas makan tu, serious malas gila nak gerak, tapi budak2 ni all wanted to go shopping la and berbagai. So ikut la....
Rememeber that I quoted "OR SO I THOUGHT", tadi? Yeah well, baru je nak lalui ulang tahun ke 20 yg bersih, when suddenly, keluar je from kedai Sate Kajang Hj. Samuri tu, bertubi-tubi kene baling with telur and tepung, and I was like. Oh mannnnn.,....
Dah la I was wearing my favourite shirt. DEMNN!!!
After proses kejar mengejar and cari zombie, kita cleaned up after the shop, for FREE.
In the end, although I didn't get to be clean this year, tapi it was still fun.

PS: Heres a pic. :P

To Everyone in this pic, jage2 la ye time birthday korang!

After that, remember Aminian Snipers?
Yeah, we went to I-City Shah Alam for a photoshoot session, I learned alot there, about how to capture bright objects in low light backgrounds, and without any skill, the pictures will surely be dull.
All the members in this club sangatlah sporting and fun to be with, they help if I don't know anything and vice versa...

After this ada bengkel fotografi conducted by a profesional photography group called Photo Oblique, and even though I can't be present on the occasion itself, I'm trying my best to  make it a huge success.
So, kepada sesiapa yang berminat, please contact me yeah! The bengkel will be held on the third of october 2010.

Another great day, my ex classmates from Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka held a small gathering and makan bersama2! It was fun, and yang paling penting, I won the bowling game with 111 points!
Fun! xD

Last but not least, the friends at college
These are the people who are never bored of my presence, they are never to the very least are boring. And the name of this social clique of students, weirdly, is called the Ting Tang Ting Tang Club.
funny isn't it?
tak pernah langsung dengar nama club sebegitu pelik, but still, the members are very fun to be with and wtihout them, sangatlah bosan kehidupan seharianku di UKM!
Best2 XD

Mesti jenuh kan baca panjang2 ni?
But this is just a small fraction of what to come..
Life is never a bed of roses, nor is it an empty desert.
Life is short, so we have to cherish every moment.
Life is short so love everything you have.

Dah nak maghrib daa... so,
Thats all peeps! Thanks for reading and toodles!
 And kepada yang berpuasa, selamat berbuka!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

4th of August

Heloooooo Peeeps!
How time flies! Lama gila dah tak update my blog. So heres the story, "I've been busy the whole time since MMP (Minggu Mesra Pelajar)

Some of the things I've done since being here, I've joined a variety of clubs, which means a variety of meetings and a whole lot of work. Tidur pun tak cukup la weyyyyy!!!

But I've been having a blast here in UKM, ianya sangat2 best, dah kenal ramai orang, and dah buat macam-macam benda.

Here's a list of what I've been doing recently:
1- I joined Aminian's Sniper Club which is a photography club, which, I am incredibly excited to be a member. xDDD
2- I've been with the Secretariat of Intergrasi dan Perpaduan Kaum, which is also fun, because I can meet a lot of people from a multitude of backgrounds and races. xD
3- I've helped with my sister's shop, which is something great and has been improving alot since it's grand opening.
4- Sportswise, futsal and rugby are never far from my dreams. These two games are what drives me the best and allows me to let of some steam.
5- Not forgetting academics, I've been bombarded by assignments yang BANYAKKKK GILAAAAAAA
6- Then there was the Kursus Indaksi, a 2day-1 night trip to HUPA, which was of course another thrilling experience.
And that was all done in 3 weeks up till now. Which explains my busy-ness.
So far, that's what I've been active in, tapi  aku rase yg it will increase with time since I've been getting invitations to this and that. But it seems I can't participate in everything, well, sebab the main reason I came to UKM is to study and learn. Dari segi pelajaran,teamwork and kerohanian.

And, apa yg paling penting, I want to develop myself here to become a better person for the ones I love, loved and will love. xD

That's all I've gotta say now peeps, I got a lecture after this.  Toodles! xD

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 10

Hello Peeeps!!!
Da lama gile aku x update my blog ni..... But what to do, I've been busy for the past week.
As the title states it, ianya sudah hari ke sepuluh that I've been here in UKM (kalau kira MMP la).
Well, the activities that I've done the whole time here was both interesting and tiring.
Lets start dengan MMP,
Its 1 whole week jam packed with activities. Ada je aktiviti time minggu ni, and everyday pun sama, balik bilik pkul 1 and bangun pukul 5. Yes, memenatkan, I know. hahahaha
But then, during the whole week, I've gotten to know with some cool people.
New friends and seniors alike.
So, like I said, it was fun and tiring.
Lepas MMP da habis, aku buat keje gila, tak sempat rehat lagi da kluar pergi tengok bola. The World cup finals. It was a great experience, and, yang  tak boleh blah nye, I watched it with some people that I just kenal from facebook a few days ago.
Such coolness. Melepak dengan them was  nice change of pace and not to mention fun.
And then class sudah mula, my faculty jauh gilaaaa....
Kat hujung dunia. Dah la sebelah Za'ba.
Anyway, that's all i can talk about now, tengah demam ni.haaha
but before i go, heres  a song:
Dayung Dayung Za'ba
Dayung Dayung Za'ba
Oh ah oh ah ah
Tong Sampah, Tong Sampah
Oh ah oh ah ah
Tong Sampah, Tong Sampah.


Toodles peeps!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Fourth Of July

Hello Peeeeps!
Does the word, the fourth of july ring any bells in your heads? Well, bagi yang tidak tahu, the fourth of July is the independence day for the United States of America. So, kalau nak banding dekat Malaysia, it's kinda like our 31st of August.
Only for them, it's a different date.

Anyway, what I want to talk about isn't their independence day, it's MY stepping stone to the future.
Because I have just registered to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.
And I'm gonna spend 3 years of my life here.
And when I come out, its off to work!

So, first day, as usual, registration was very very very lah melecehkan. It took me practically almost two hours to settle down in my room, and after my dad left, tertinggal la aku di sini untuk mencipta sejarah.

Well, my roomate, actually I haven't met him yet, or to be exact, I haven't gotten the chance to get to know him yet, because lepas aku masuk bilik, he left with his family to do some shopping, and I'm alone in this room. BoSAAANN!!!

ANyway, nak tidur la, so, till next time, toodles!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Up, Close and Personal

Hellloo Peeeeeeps!

Actually this title has nothing to do with apa yang I'm about to write, but I have no idea of what yang ade kaitan pun, so, to heck with it.

Anyway, I've been hectic, since it's 3 more days, yeah THREE more days to what I'm gonna call, my "Dunia Baru", ala, budak freshie la katekan, biasa la, semangat awal-awal je lebih.
So yeah, I'm basically done with everything I need for University preparations and had just packed my bags. I wish I could show apa yang telah di-pack, but alas, a camera isn't accessible at the moment so I'll just give a hint for the lot of you to fathom.
Bag #1 : A huge bag! Stuffed with most of my clothes, (half of my wardrobe, and that's alot)
Bag #2 : A medium-sized bag, stuffed with bed sheets and towels and toiletries,etc
Bag #3 : Stuffed with books, nothing else.
Bag #4 : My trusty slingbag, filled with my needed self-care products.
Bag #5 : Laptop.

And then, I thought to myself, BANYAK gila tu. Macam nak pindah luar negara je.
hahaha.. But well, my father then said, "Nanti kan nak pindah, so alang-alang angkat la baju-baju kau yang kau buat collection tu, and nanti terasa kurang sikit barang yang aku kene punggah"
I was like. Okayh. xD

On another side of today's story, I would like to show to you, the man who just made himself 'the coolest man of the day", for me though at least. why? World Cup Knockout Stage, Spain - Portugal, that's why. You the man, Villa.You da man.

So, here are the coming games in the World Cup 2010 Quarter-Finals : 
Argentina - Germany
Uruguay - Ghana
Holland - Brazil
Spain - Paraguay
All I can say is, things are getting more exciting. xD

Till next time peeps, toodles!~

Saturday, June 26, 2010

7 Days and counting

Wow. Just wow..

How time flies, so quickly, so silently.
Tengok-tengok dah nak masuk Universiti dah.
Sorry guys, da lama tak update, well, I've been busy, dengan kerja (actually da berhenti) and preparations masuk universiti.

What? Tak tau lagi ke? I'm going to Universiti! YES! Universiti! Alhamdullillah, dan segala kepujian bagi yg MAHA ESA tatkala memberikan ku peluang untuk menjejaki menara gading ini. I realised how lucky I am since entering this stage of education is not available to everyone.
Yes, believe me, bukan semua orang dapat peluang macam ni.

Seriously, before kejadian 'pengulangan semula matrikulasi' , I never knew how fortunate I am, no WE are, to be given this chance that is worth its weight in gold.

Well, after kena repeeat, (yeah, aku tak segan nak cakap, ape da jadi tu jadi la), baru ku sedar tentang kepentingan ilmu and how far it can take us.

AND, another thing, is that kita mesti bersyukur kerana diberikan nikmat sedemikian. I've seen people, yang IQ'nya SANGATLAH BAGUS, tetapi, tatkala disebabkan kesempitan kewangan, mereka tidak dapat menyambung ke menara gading. Walaupun it has become a norm for youngsters these days to be able to sambung belajar jauh, hendaklah kita ingat bahawa janganlah sesekali kita lupa untuk berasa syukur, because, at any given time, we can have this easiness stripped away from us in an instant. Renung-renungkanlah.

On the easy side of life, I'm entering Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Syukur Alhamdulillah. I've always wanted to enter this particular Uni. Due to various reasons lah. Hahaha....
Anyway, my enrollment is on the fourth of JULY 2010.

Which takes us to my blog topic for today, I'M running out of TIME!!!
yeah, 7 hari je tinggal. Oh how time flies. Did I say that before?
yeah, I guess I did. hahaha..

For future references, heres my checklist and how far I've done it as of 26th June 2010.
  1. Accept Univercity offer : The easiest and most important
  2. Apply PTPTN : Online punya dah siap, tinggal nak buat borang je nanti
  3. Open CIMB account : Done, easy stuff
  4. Fill out relevant forms : 80% done, only minor things left
  5. Pay the fees : Done
  6. WPP : Waiting for the cheque
  7. Apply for BaitulMal : Done, awaiting for results next week
  8. Get a haircut : OH NOO!!!!
  9. Buy barang keperluan : Next week
  10. Enjoy my last moments at ipoh : Yeah, Gotta go friends.
  11. Say goodbye to friends : Hardest thing to do.
When that's all done, I'll be there already, oh for your reference, heres my online Offer Letter from UKM



NAMA PROGRAM : Teknologi Maklumat
IPTA : Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)


Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Happiness That We Seek : Prolouge

And there he was, wandering aimlessly across the green-plated fields. All sparks of hope was lost for him and inside the deepest corner of his heart, he began to even doubt that he will survive to see another day for he had gone a few days without water and pratically a week without food and neither of these requirements of life were to be seen. All he could see was a seemingly infinite plain stretching hundreds and hundreds of miles. He had lost his energy and willpower and suddenly collapsed to the ground. It was there and then where he recalled the incident that has caused him so much pain and suffering…..

He was having a normal day in front of the village training and honing his swordsmanship till suddenly, he was called to the village square. Upon reaching the village square, he was surrounded by the villagers. Everyone was wielding a weapon of some sort and looked at him fiercely. He began to worry if he had done something wrong to provoke such anger from his fellow villagers, the ones whom he had sworn to protect till his last breath. The night before, there was a string of killings in the village while he was away on patrol. Then he began to remember some of his friends whom he has not seen all day.

He was falsely accused of a string of serial murders for he was the only one who had a weak alibi and his masterful skill with the sword was used against him. The other warriors had a believable story to their alibies. His story was the most untrusted one. But nonetheless he told the truth yet no one believed him. Nobody believed that he was out on patrol for there was no witnesses that saw him. He pleaded innocent again and again and again and yet no one believed him. There is even a growing loop of faith in his father’s eyes about his alibi.

Many of the townsfolk suggested to give him a death punishment and public humility. Yet, the elder saw that there was still insufficient proof of him doing the act. And the elder was not convinced enough that his most trusted soldier will do such a thing. Yet he cannot go against democracy. At the end of the day, the elder issued that Jinnei Inoura was to be banished from the village and was not allowed to come back until he found out who was the real murderer. And should he ever come back without any proof, he will be attacked without hesitation.

He was only given an hour to prepare himself to leave the village, and he did so with his heart full of sadness and anger. Those two feelings were the only ones he could remember upon leaving the village of his childhood….

Suddenly he woke up, only to realise that he was in a warm and comfortable bed. A piece of furniture which he has not touched for months. Confused, he tried to get up. He grabbed his clothes and to his demise, his sword was missing. He quickly became alert and began searching for his sword. He then decided to leave the room to look for his sword. Just as he was about to exit the room in search of his sword, his face was slammed by the door and he fell backwards. Then he stood up and wanted to start to shout when he saw a figure of a female just outside the room, just as surprised as he was.

That embodiment quickly entered the room and began to check his face for any injuries and she repeatedly asked for forgiveness while he just sat there staring at the girl’s eyes. Those eyes were the purest eyes he has ever seen before, so innocent… so fragile… so….. calming. The girl then noticed this and gazed at his eyes too. Suddenly a punch came out of nowhere and snapped him out of his gaze. The girl then looked at him and shouted "PERVERT!!" . And slapped him so hard it left a bright red mark on his left cheek.The girl then ran outside. Then he forgot about everything and went back to sleep….

Upon waking up, he was awaken again by the same girl. The girl apologised for her rude behaviour earlier. He said "No, no. It was my fault. I was the one who stared first. So I deserved it". Again, these two complete strangers stared at eachother’s eyes. The gaze which seemed to last for an eternity was broken by another presence in the room. Now it was the figure of an albeit old man. The old man quickly started a conversation by saying "Ah awake already? I’m sorry for my daughter’s reaction to you this morning." He then replied, "No sir, I DESERVED it, after all, it WAS me who was rude in the first place." The old man then laughed rather loud and asked the young man, "Oh, we haven’t introduced to eachother yet, my name is Reid and this is my lovely daughter, Ciel." The young girl then smiled and said " If I may ask, what is YOUR name, sir ? in a rather sarcastic voice. The the young man answered, "My name is Jinnei, Inoura Jinnei….."

The continuation of an old project of mine

I've been wanting to do this for a long time, to follow up my old short novel, that I wrote myself during form4, that has been tertinggal for so long, so, I think macam nak sambung balik cerita tu.
So, please brace yourself and if possible, bagilah komen-komen and feedback yang membangun, because I'm planning to publish this story.
So, please enjoy, my very own short novel,
The Happiness That We Seek

Saturday, June 5, 2010

No idea.

Haha. Been some time since my last update. Soryyyyyy laaaa.... I was busy, with work, family, friends and whatnot. Actually now pun I'm kinda forcing my sleepy eyes to write this one helluva long 'short story'.HAHAHAHAHA...

Anyway, about my recent activities, well, just after my last update, aku pergi ke Kuala Lumpur for 3 days. (Yes, I DID take a 3-day holiday from work). Anyway, I had 2 major purposes of going there:
1- Help sedikit sebanyak that I can with my sister's baru nak setup shop.(more details later)
2- Pergi lepak la of course!

Anyway, after fetching my sister from the airport (for your information, she's currently staying at Indonesia with her husband), kita went to KL straight away.

Eastin Hotel, tempat kita letak kepala for 2 nights. The place was ok la, my sister said the price per room was also 'so-so' la, but we all still agreed on Royale Bintang as our favourite.

Then I went to the shoplot where the shop was supposed to be built, and, it was ok la, the renovation wasn't that expensive, i think, and the shoplot had adequate space untuk buat sebuah restoran.

Then after all businesses were done, I finished my 3-day work leave with fun and friends.

And then, balik Ipoh

Dah sampai Ipoh, I continued with my part time job with pappa rich, and everything went smooth and normal, with the occasional 'hiccups' here and there, which is kinda normal la.

The days passed, and then suddenly I was on a futsal turf. hahaha.
Bukanlah suddenly sangat, it was a friendly match between papparich punye staff against tutti fruitti ft. TOS punye staff. For your info, all of these are shops at De Garden Ipoh (Bangunan Putih seberang Jaya Jusco Ipoh)
And after 2 hours of playing, (we got staff price meh sebab ade kawan, hahaha) it turned out to be that the victors were in fact, nonetheless, PappaRIch!
Hou yeh!
Here's a fact, I'm more proud because aku contributed alot to the win(except when it was my turn jadi goalie la, hahahha)

What else eyh?
Oh yes, tomorrow, the 6th of june, is my father's birthday. And I have some surprises up my sleeve la. hehehe..
So, kepada anyone who knows my dad, be sure to wish him ok!

Till next time,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A bad feeling called Regret.

Today aku akan bercerita tentang satu perkataan yang sangat dan teramatlah sukar to get over with in life. Something called, regret, or in Bahasa Melayu, penyesalan.

Lets get this straight, I'm not saying I am regretting everything I've done in life, but that doesn't mean I've never regretted anything that I've done.

Ye la, take this example, dulu, when my dad told me to enter chinese school lepas habis UPSR, my mom and I sangatlah disagree. Now I know how bad a decision that was. Sekarang, tengah kerja part time kat PappaRich, barulah tahu how important and influential it is to be able to speak in Cantonese at least. SO sekarang la baru terhegeh-hegeh nak belajar. Damn.

That's just one, of the many wrong decisions I've made, another being things as simple as whether or not I should go buy stuff. Havc this ever occured to any of you? You go out, pastu beli baju, which is sometimes a bit pricy, then the next week, go hangout with friends, only to see that baju does not match the rest of your clothes in your wardrobe? It selalu jadi for me.

However, some regretful things xdelah semudah itu. Contoh, my failure at KMM, which costed me one year of my life, wasted like that. Serious la regret gila maen2 kat KMM. Baru sedar, yang all the kononnya cool things I've done, are useless in many cases. Kalau tak, dah ada kat Uni da sekarang, entering third sem da pun. Tapi alas, what can I do? A loss is a loss, and no matter how hard I cry, spilled milk can't be reused because time waits for no man.

But there's the positive side, whenever there's regret, mesti muncul ayat keinsafan. Baru je jadi.
Point being said is that, everyone has their bad sides and nobody should ever be judged by their appearances.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Food, food, food, they're sangatlah important in our lives, and even in our livers. LOL.
Anyway, tadi pergi makan a special place, with my father and his friend. Well, it all started like this, as usual, I woke up at at around 10am, and just after celik mata, i would turn on the tv, and how lady luck frowned at me today, or so I thought, it was meant to be that my tv takboleh on.
Oh damn.
Anyway, after that, I went straight to the toilet and took a bath, then my father told me to dress up abit 'ok' sikit, and not my usual selekeh-type-style, because we're gonna have a good lunch today.
I did as was told, and then we went off on my dad's car. We picked up his friend, and straight away went to Golf Club Ipoh.
I was like, "oh cool.... Me likey the food here" xD
Masok2 mkn japanese, I took alot, and i mean ALOT of sushi.
after makan2, sembang2, then go back, well it wasn't that special, but sushi is still one of my favourite food.
Tu je sebenarnye, nothing special, until I found out about the bill.
Everything costed about RM200 for 3 people only.
I was like. o_0

P/S: Kalau any of you wanna belanja me and don't know what kind of food i like, here are some of the examples of my favorites:
1- Cendol
2- Burger King
3- Toast with half-boiled eggs
4- Maggi Goreng
5- Sushi xP
6- Tutti Fruiti Frozen Yogurt
7- Char Kuey Teow
8- Satay Kajang
9- Laksa Penang

That's all for now, till next time, toodles!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh indahnya bahasa!

Hi, hello, nihao, hola, vannakam, sawasdi and assalamualaikum to everyone...
Today I felt the incredible urge to share tentang how lucky we are to live in Malaysia, and how amazing it is to live in Malaysia.
Seriously la, peaceful gila la negara kita ni, what else would we want?
Tengok la jiran2 kita, especially Thailand, yang currently having big political problems, to the point where lives are lost.
But look at our country, ada ke peperangan besar-besaran antara rakyat?
Why am I talking about this?
Well, tadi, I went out for lunch, makan at kedai mamak, nampak 2 guys tengah bertengkar. Ingat pasal ape tah, sampai tengking2 pasal racism, and ayat-ayat yang menyinggung perasaan orang ramai pun ade. When da reda sikit, I went to try la selongkar sikit2 tentang sebabnya....

What I found out was, they were just fighting over a plate of maggi goreng. And then, I thought 'bodo nye dyeorang ni, pasal maggi pun nak racist2 ke?'

See, my point is that, why are we fighting among eachoter for?
COme on la, kita semua rakyat Malaysia, cuma beza religion and race, but our kewarganegaraan are all the same 'MALAYSIAN'.

Dulu, time kecik2, boleh pulak kita share2 air, time hujan, share payung, kenapa time besar kita bergaduh?
Remember, kita semua rakyat.
Hidup 1 Malaysia

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

11 May 2010

hou yeh!

last night tengok iron man 2, it was quite good. Although there were some down points, who am I to criticise? What gave me the goose bumps was the Thor Trailer which was 'AFTER THE 15 MINUTE LONG CREDITS' which really annoyed me.
But still, back to that Thor thingy, for me its quite a big promise, since if Thor comes out, then there's sure to be Captain America, which will surely lead to the Avengers.
Don't know what I'm talking about? Pergi la search kat wikipedia. Type in 'The Avengers' then baru kamu paham.

On the other side of the story, tadi pergi makan kat kedai makanan indon nearby the casuarina hotel, and boleh pulak jumpa my old friend working there. We had a few laughs here and there, but I had to go home, petang nanti nak kerja, oh damn....


My first post

Hello to a life of blogging!
Ini lah my first blog in my life, bukan pe, just never got the chance to make one before this...
Ala, baru dapat broadband la katekan... So I'm quite new to this, so tak taw sangat ape yg nak tulis atau how to tulis pun.
This is just a introductory post, to what I hope will be a nice collection of my experiences as a person that I want to share dengan semua orang.
Be sure to check it out yeah!

PS: sorry for the english/malay rojak, I tend to speak this way in my daily life.