Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Up, Close and Personal

Hellloo Peeeeeeps!

Actually this title has nothing to do with apa yang I'm about to write, but I have no idea of what yang ade kaitan pun, so, to heck with it.

Anyway, I've been hectic, since it's 3 more days, yeah THREE more days to what I'm gonna call, my "Dunia Baru", ala, budak freshie la katekan, biasa la, semangat awal-awal je lebih.
So yeah, I'm basically done with everything I need for University preparations and had just packed my bags. I wish I could show apa yang telah di-pack, but alas, a camera isn't accessible at the moment so I'll just give a hint for the lot of you to fathom.
Bag #1 : A huge bag! Stuffed with most of my clothes, (half of my wardrobe, and that's alot)
Bag #2 : A medium-sized bag, stuffed with bed sheets and towels and toiletries,etc
Bag #3 : Stuffed with books, nothing else.
Bag #4 : My trusty slingbag, filled with my needed self-care products.
Bag #5 : Laptop.

And then, I thought to myself, BANYAK gila tu. Macam nak pindah luar negara je.
hahaha.. But well, my father then said, "Nanti kan nak pindah, so alang-alang angkat la baju-baju kau yang kau buat collection tu, and nanti terasa kurang sikit barang yang aku kene punggah"
I was like. Okayh. xD

On another side of today's story, I would like to show to you, the man who just made himself 'the coolest man of the day", for me though at least. why? World Cup Knockout Stage, Spain - Portugal, that's why. You the man, Villa.You da man.

So, here are the coming games in the World Cup 2010 Quarter-Finals : 
Argentina - Germany
Uruguay - Ghana
Holland - Brazil
Spain - Paraguay
All I can say is, things are getting more exciting. xD

Till next time peeps, toodles!~