Thursday, May 20, 2010

A bad feeling called Regret.

Today aku akan bercerita tentang satu perkataan yang sangat dan teramatlah sukar to get over with in life. Something called, regret, or in Bahasa Melayu, penyesalan.

Lets get this straight, I'm not saying I am regretting everything I've done in life, but that doesn't mean I've never regretted anything that I've done.

Ye la, take this example, dulu, when my dad told me to enter chinese school lepas habis UPSR, my mom and I sangatlah disagree. Now I know how bad a decision that was. Sekarang, tengah kerja part time kat PappaRich, barulah tahu how important and influential it is to be able to speak in Cantonese at least. SO sekarang la baru terhegeh-hegeh nak belajar. Damn.

That's just one, of the many wrong decisions I've made, another being things as simple as whether or not I should go buy stuff. Havc this ever occured to any of you? You go out, pastu beli baju, which is sometimes a bit pricy, then the next week, go hangout with friends, only to see that baju does not match the rest of your clothes in your wardrobe? It selalu jadi for me.

However, some regretful things xdelah semudah itu. Contoh, my failure at KMM, which costed me one year of my life, wasted like that. Serious la regret gila maen2 kat KMM. Baru sedar, yang all the kononnya cool things I've done, are useless in many cases. Kalau tak, dah ada kat Uni da sekarang, entering third sem da pun. Tapi alas, what can I do? A loss is a loss, and no matter how hard I cry, spilled milk can't be reused because time waits for no man.

But there's the positive side, whenever there's regret, mesti muncul ayat keinsafan. Baru je jadi.
Point being said is that, everyone has their bad sides and nobody should ever be judged by their appearances.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Food, food, food, they're sangatlah important in our lives, and even in our livers. LOL.
Anyway, tadi pergi makan a special place, with my father and his friend. Well, it all started like this, as usual, I woke up at at around 10am, and just after celik mata, i would turn on the tv, and how lady luck frowned at me today, or so I thought, it was meant to be that my tv takboleh on.
Oh damn.
Anyway, after that, I went straight to the toilet and took a bath, then my father told me to dress up abit 'ok' sikit, and not my usual selekeh-type-style, because we're gonna have a good lunch today.
I did as was told, and then we went off on my dad's car. We picked up his friend, and straight away went to Golf Club Ipoh.
I was like, "oh cool.... Me likey the food here" xD
Masok2 mkn japanese, I took alot, and i mean ALOT of sushi.
after makan2, sembang2, then go back, well it wasn't that special, but sushi is still one of my favourite food.
Tu je sebenarnye, nothing special, until I found out about the bill.
Everything costed about RM200 for 3 people only.
I was like. o_0

P/S: Kalau any of you wanna belanja me and don't know what kind of food i like, here are some of the examples of my favorites:
1- Cendol
2- Burger King
3- Toast with half-boiled eggs
4- Maggi Goreng
5- Sushi xP
6- Tutti Fruiti Frozen Yogurt
7- Char Kuey Teow
8- Satay Kajang
9- Laksa Penang

That's all for now, till next time, toodles!