Sunday, May 16, 2010


Food, food, food, they're sangatlah important in our lives, and even in our livers. LOL.
Anyway, tadi pergi makan a special place, with my father and his friend. Well, it all started like this, as usual, I woke up at at around 10am, and just after celik mata, i would turn on the tv, and how lady luck frowned at me today, or so I thought, it was meant to be that my tv takboleh on.
Oh damn.
Anyway, after that, I went straight to the toilet and took a bath, then my father told me to dress up abit 'ok' sikit, and not my usual selekeh-type-style, because we're gonna have a good lunch today.
I did as was told, and then we went off on my dad's car. We picked up his friend, and straight away went to Golf Club Ipoh.
I was like, "oh cool.... Me likey the food here" xD
Masok2 mkn japanese, I took alot, and i mean ALOT of sushi.
after makan2, sembang2, then go back, well it wasn't that special, but sushi is still one of my favourite food.
Tu je sebenarnye, nothing special, until I found out about the bill.
Everything costed about RM200 for 3 people only.
I was like. o_0

P/S: Kalau any of you wanna belanja me and don't know what kind of food i like, here are some of the examples of my favorites:
1- Cendol
2- Burger King
3- Toast with half-boiled eggs
4- Maggi Goreng
5- Sushi xP
6- Tutti Fruiti Frozen Yogurt
7- Char Kuey Teow
8- Satay Kajang
9- Laksa Penang

That's all for now, till next time, toodles!

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