Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh indahnya bahasa!

Hi, hello, nihao, hola, vannakam, sawasdi and assalamualaikum to everyone...
Today I felt the incredible urge to share tentang how lucky we are to live in Malaysia, and how amazing it is to live in Malaysia.
Seriously la, peaceful gila la negara kita ni, what else would we want?
Tengok la jiran2 kita, especially Thailand, yang currently having big political problems, to the point where lives are lost.
But look at our country, ada ke peperangan besar-besaran antara rakyat?
Why am I talking about this?
Well, tadi, I went out for lunch, makan at kedai mamak, nampak 2 guys tengah bertengkar. Ingat pasal ape tah, sampai tengking2 pasal racism, and ayat-ayat yang menyinggung perasaan orang ramai pun ade. When da reda sikit, I went to try la selongkar sikit2 tentang sebabnya....

What I found out was, they were just fighting over a plate of maggi goreng. And then, I thought 'bodo nye dyeorang ni, pasal maggi pun nak racist2 ke?'

See, my point is that, why are we fighting among eachoter for?
COme on la, kita semua rakyat Malaysia, cuma beza religion and race, but our kewarganegaraan are all the same 'MALAYSIAN'.

Dulu, time kecik2, boleh pulak kita share2 air, time hujan, share payung, kenapa time besar kita bergaduh?
Remember, kita semua rakyat.
Hidup 1 Malaysia

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

11 May 2010

hou yeh!

last night tengok iron man 2, it was quite good. Although there were some down points, who am I to criticise? What gave me the goose bumps was the Thor Trailer which was 'AFTER THE 15 MINUTE LONG CREDITS' which really annoyed me.
But still, back to that Thor thingy, for me its quite a big promise, since if Thor comes out, then there's sure to be Captain America, which will surely lead to the Avengers.
Don't know what I'm talking about? Pergi la search kat wikipedia. Type in 'The Avengers' then baru kamu paham.

On the other side of the story, tadi pergi makan kat kedai makanan indon nearby the casuarina hotel, and boleh pulak jumpa my old friend working there. We had a few laughs here and there, but I had to go home, petang nanti nak kerja, oh damn....


My first post

Hello to a life of blogging!
Ini lah my first blog in my life, bukan pe, just never got the chance to make one before this...
Ala, baru dapat broadband la katekan... So I'm quite new to this, so tak taw sangat ape yg nak tulis atau how to tulis pun.
This is just a introductory post, to what I hope will be a nice collection of my experiences as a person that I want to share dengan semua orang.
Be sure to check it out yeah!

PS: sorry for the english/malay rojak, I tend to speak this way in my daily life.