Wednesday, August 4, 2010

4th of August

Heloooooo Peeeps!
How time flies! Lama gila dah tak update my blog. So heres the story, "I've been busy the whole time since MMP (Minggu Mesra Pelajar)

Some of the things I've done since being here, I've joined a variety of clubs, which means a variety of meetings and a whole lot of work. Tidur pun tak cukup la weyyyyy!!!

But I've been having a blast here in UKM, ianya sangat2 best, dah kenal ramai orang, and dah buat macam-macam benda.

Here's a list of what I've been doing recently:
1- I joined Aminian's Sniper Club which is a photography club, which, I am incredibly excited to be a member. xDDD
2- I've been with the Secretariat of Intergrasi dan Perpaduan Kaum, which is also fun, because I can meet a lot of people from a multitude of backgrounds and races. xD
3- I've helped with my sister's shop, which is something great and has been improving alot since it's grand opening.
4- Sportswise, futsal and rugby are never far from my dreams. These two games are what drives me the best and allows me to let of some steam.
5- Not forgetting academics, I've been bombarded by assignments yang BANYAKKKK GILAAAAAAA
6- Then there was the Kursus Indaksi, a 2day-1 night trip to HUPA, which was of course another thrilling experience.
And that was all done in 3 weeks up till now. Which explains my busy-ness.
So far, that's what I've been active in, tapi  aku rase yg it will increase with time since I've been getting invitations to this and that. But it seems I can't participate in everything, well, sebab the main reason I came to UKM is to study and learn. Dari segi pelajaran,teamwork and kerohanian.

And, apa yg paling penting, I want to develop myself here to become a better person for the ones I love, loved and will love. xD

That's all I've gotta say now peeps, I got a lecture after this.  Toodles! xD