Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Happiness That We Seek : Chapter 1

The calm blue skies had turned bloody dark red, the ground which was filled with grass is now a barren wasteland filled with the dead and rotting bodies from both sides. At the last base, the last stand of the human race, a young man stood at the balcony of the castle which was facing east, from where he could see the tens of thousands of the enemy soldiers marching towards the world’s final stronghold from destruction. Even the great alliance of the humans and beasts was not enough to hold off the power of the shadows. As time passed by, all residents of that very same stronghold had fear and despair. They did not want to die, they were too scared to fight, and there were even some fools whom had given up and ran to the opposing force only to be brutally killed and their chopped-off heads thrown back to the stronghold. The alliance had completely lost all hope to win the war, for they had barely 3,000 soldiers to fight off the seemingly limitless enemies.
As the soldiers of the shadows came near, many people tried to flee and some even resorted to hiding into the sewage or even in the cemetary. Some even took their own lives out of fear. The sounds of the marching grew closer and closer. Everyone, especially those at the front lines, trembled in fear. The young man then looked at the sky and asked for forgiveness from his fallen comrades. He then took out his sword, which started to shine brightly. He took the sword up high and stabbed himself in the stomache. Then he shouted, "Kings of the aurora, give me your power and wisdom, so that I can save our race from destruction!". Then a blue thunder came from the sky and striked him. Severely burned and almost dead, he used all of his remaining energy and took out his sword which glowed brighter and brighter to the point it was as bright as the sun and pointed it straight to the enemy and chanted "The power of nature, the power of space and the power of light, heed my calling and attack my… no, OUR enemies!!!. AURORA BLAST!!!" . With that, he stabbed his sword to the ground and a sudden and extremely powerful blast of light shone from his sword and it went straight through the enemy lines, leaving nothing in its path. The enormous enemy army was completely eradicated in mere seconds. It happened so fast, nobody knew what happened,and besides the hero’s last friend, whom was also his lover, the one who had carried his baby, nobody knew what had happened to him. Happiness and joy overwhelmed the people and they  rebuilded their lives again, in peace. The woman, however, dissapeared and was never heard from again. Till this day, the peace that Victor Meldez brought to the world was kept and will forever be cherished.
"And that’s the story of how a young man helped saved all mankind from destruction through hardwork and determination. That is why it is called the story of BRAVE-HEART. So if all of you want to be forever be remembered in a story like how Victor was, work hard for it. I am sure that it will be fruitful." said Jinnei after completing his story to the children of the orphanage.  A child then asked, "Really sir? Can we be remembered like him only by working hard?". Laughing, Jinnei answered,"Yeah, pretty much. But you have to be ‘extra’ hardworking to achieve something THAT big." Then all the children shouted " YES SIR!!" and began to laugh. Then another child asks, "Whatever happened to Sir Victor, Mr. Jinnei ?". "Well, some say that he died after the crushing blow, others say that after the battle, he healed himself and continue on living a peaceful and quite life. There are even those who said that he went straight to heaven. But none of them can be proved, so the question remained unanswered till today." answered Jinnei. Upon hearing this, all the children said "Ooooooo" .
Suddenly the children changed their attention to another person who was behind Jinnei. Knowing this, he then faced back only to say "Oh, Ciel, it’s just you." In sudden anger, CIel said, "What do you mean it’s just ME? ". Unwanting to fight anymore, Jinnei answered,"So why are you here? I thought you were at home with your father at home?" . Blurry, she then answered, " Someone came to our house looking for you, and my father told me to fetch you, so I came here." Jinnei replied "Huh? Looking for me? Why should anyone look for me? And I’m sure no one that i know of knows that I live here now." CIel then answered," That is the fact that is bothering me too." Unable to hold back his curiosity, he agreed to go back home without hesitation.
On their way home, Jinnei recalled what ciel’s father, Reid Hershel had told him earlier that day. He asked Jinnei whether he knew about the story of the BRAVE-HEART. Jinnei answered yes and questioned why the old man had asked him about that child’s legend. The old man then laughed and asked Jinnei, "Say, can you go to the orphanage and tell the children there the story ? Actually I was the one who was supposed to do it, but I have some rather important plans today and I would ask your help to do the chore for me?" Replying quickly, Jinnei said "Sure, that won’t be a problem at all."  After some 10 minutes of walking, they had reached Ciel’s home and they saw an extra pair of shoes outside. It was rather a nice and expensive looking pair of shoes fitting only to the nobles and kings. As they removed their shoes to enter, Ciel shouted "Dad, we’re back!".

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