Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 10

Hello Peeeps!!!
Da lama gile aku x update my blog ni..... But what to do, I've been busy for the past week.
As the title states it, ianya sudah hari ke sepuluh that I've been here in UKM (kalau kira MMP la).
Well, the activities that I've done the whole time here was both interesting and tiring.
Lets start dengan MMP,
Its 1 whole week jam packed with activities. Ada je aktiviti time minggu ni, and everyday pun sama, balik bilik pkul 1 and bangun pukul 5. Yes, memenatkan, I know. hahahaha
But then, during the whole week, I've gotten to know with some cool people.
New friends and seniors alike.
So, like I said, it was fun and tiring.
Lepas MMP da habis, aku buat keje gila, tak sempat rehat lagi da kluar pergi tengok bola. The World cup finals. It was a great experience, and, yang  tak boleh blah nye, I watched it with some people that I just kenal from facebook a few days ago.
Such coolness. Melepak dengan them was  nice change of pace and not to mention fun.
And then class sudah mula, my faculty jauh gilaaaa....
Kat hujung dunia. Dah la sebelah Za'ba.
Anyway, that's all i can talk about now, tengah demam ni.haaha
but before i go, heres  a song:
Dayung Dayung Za'ba
Dayung Dayung Za'ba
Oh ah oh ah ah
Tong Sampah, Tong Sampah
Oh ah oh ah ah
Tong Sampah, Tong Sampah.


Toodles peeps!


  1. kesian wooh fak dkat za'ba.pindah za'ba laa senang;)

  2. wahhhh
    semangat amin..

  3. za'ba ada hantu;p
    alasan sbb bilik kecit.ngeeee

  4. PC mane nih yg ajar ko..nyanyi lagu kat bawah tuh...hebat korang yerk...

  5. memg r sengal weyhhhhhh.....hahaha

  6. amboi sedapnye ngutuk zaaba
    ahahahaaha........ XP