Friday, December 3, 2010

Broken Boulevard

Assalamualaikum and
Helloooooooooooooooooooo peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepsssssssssssssssssssss!!!

Its me again, yeah, I know, that my greeting is kinda annoying, I've received some comments from people that its funny yet annoying in a way.

So I've been through one helluva week! Kerja, tdur,makan, ulang alik ipoh, thinking about alot of things, near and far.

Also, kepada orang2 yang mengetahui, I've made my decision. I'm gonna stay. Kepada yang tidak tahu, please jgn tanya yea, its not important. hehe :P

Anyway,  going to the subject in matter, a broken boulevard. According to wikipedia,
Boulevard brings the meaning :  as a type of garden or a type of road, a boulevard (often abbreviated Blvd) is usually a wide, multi-lane arterial thoroughfare, divided with a median down the center, and roadways along each side designed as slow travel and parking lanes and for bicycle and pedestrian usage, often with an above-average quality of landscaping and scenery. The division into peripheral roads for local use and a central main thoroughfare for regional traffic is a principal feature of the boulevard. Larger and busier boulevards usually feature a median.
And broken, means well, something broken LAH! Tu pun nak tnya ke? HAHA

Anyway, these past few days, I've learnt a lot of lessons.
1- How easily it is for us humans to fall sick, we're not invisible
2- How fragile a human's heart is
3- How blind love is.

Speaking about love, if we ask anyone, everyone has their own personal views in love. Semua orang ada pandangan masing-masing. Semua orang ada pengalaman sendir, may it be sweet or bitter. Someone told me, love is bittersweet, its up to ourselves to conlcude which, in which case, there are THREE possible outcomes. Sweet, bitter and bittersweet.

BUT! I would love to speak about love right now, but that's not the topic of today's lecture!
TOPIC of the POST,  a Broken Boulevard.

Many would ask, macam mana boleh guna broken untuk boulevard, sedangkan boulevard itu jalan/taman.... How the heck taman boleh rosak? hahaha
Well, first of all, Broken Boulevard = BB = BlackBerry = a smartphone that  i crave. but has no actual relevance to the topic.

Ok, time to get serious....
What is life? Life is a something which has no SPECIFIC meaning. Everyone has their own definition of life. Some good, some bad, some sad, some happy.
Life begins when u get out of your mother's belly and ends when you go 6 feet underground (no not into the basement of a shopping mall or hotel, PAHAM-PAHAM je lah)
But there is afterlife, which also exists, but lets not talk about that topic now, as it will take a longer time to finish this post.

Like I said, everyone has their different views in life. Everyone has their own experiences, everyone wakes up with different feelings. Each life is unique and precious.

As for me, I see my life similar to a boulevard. It begins empty. ZERO. NIL. And as we grow up, we choose what to place in that boulevard. May it be flowers, birds, fountains and many other beautiful things we can decorate it with.

Day after day, we little do we know, we place new things in our boulevards. May it good or bad. And every time we put something, we can't just pull it out suka suka hati je. That item, becomes attached to our feelings, and our memories. Nobody can pull it out at all, except yourself. If you manage to pull out something, its gonna leave a stain.

And hell yeah, that stain is really really REALLY hard to brush off. Especially if it has something to do with feelings. But don't fret. For my fellow muslims. Every painful experience that Allah has given us, it is for the greater good. HE wants us to learn something. Insyallah

And as we move on with life. We tend to edit this boulevard...
It doesnt matter if its good or bad, we're still gonna edit it.
And we have to live with every change we make to it.

Because in this boulevard we call life, nothing can change it, except by our own hands.
I dedicate this post to my friends who are facing a difficult time in their lives. You know who you are. I love all of my friends.

Till next time....


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  2. i think its cool since i am facing my difficult time right now...
    i guess my life is like the semi-decorated boulevard in some way
    but fully decorated in the other way..and i can't change it no matter what..that was the hardest part...
    i hope i am your this post will be automatically dedicated to me too!!!hahaha!!!